Transdisciplinary Urbanism Studio: swlab energy farm

networked infrastructures, research and practice


This fall, a small but mighty band of CoAD graduate students and senior Civil Engineering students are expanding the boundaries of the architectural discipline by adopting the studio[Ci] transdisciplinary research and practice method. We intend to explore how to effectively address the complexity of forces and dynamics affecting the built and natural environment, and the pressing need for sustainable interventions at all scales.  Under the guidance of Prof. Constance Bodurow and with the generous assistance of Professor Donald Carpenter, CoE, Director of the Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute at Lawrence Technological University and widely published Low Impact Development [LID] expert, and Professor Robert W. Fletcher, CoE, Director, LTU Alternative Energy Engineering Program, our studio design project and program will create a HYBRIDIZED ECOSYSTEM AND ARCHITECTURE – [green] infrastructure networks and structures – for an “Energy Farm”. Our vision is to engage the community and leverage assets of a strong institutional presence, vacancy, and [corporate] partners in order to generate three things: net zero energy, wealth and educational opportunities, link the schools and neighborhood, and create a new partnership institution for the Sampson Webber Leadership Academy and Biddle School in the DPS Northwestern District, Tireman/Condon Neighborhood of Detroit. Our client group includes the school Principal, lower and upper division Teachers, Students, Parents and Neighborhood Residents.

First step is to conduct extensive research creating an ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK comprised of: CONDITIONS, CRITERIA, and CAPACITIES

Participants will then identify primary and supportive opportunities to drive their unique CONCEPTUAL + SCHEMATIC DESIGN ALTERNATIVES: NETWORKS + STRUCTURES.