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A Hybrid Alternative Energy Lesson Plan – For Third Graders!

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While the rest of the [TU] Studio is working towards hybridized infrastructure proposals for the Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy, my goal is to create a Hybrid Alternative Energy Lesson Plan for Ms. Clay-Henderson’s third grade students! Ms. Clay has been a great resource during this process! Once the lesson plan is complete, I plan to demonstrate it to Ms. Clay’s class in early November.

Hybrid Alternative Energy – now that’s a complicated subject, not just for children, but for many adults! My challenge is to create a lesson that breaks down this complicated term so that children can become familiar with alternative energies and opportunities for their use at Sampson-Webber. Dr. Fletcher’s lectures on solar and geothermal energy have proven especially helpful, allowing me to understand the basic concepts of these energy options and think of ways to translate them to a third grade level. The focus of the lesson plan is on solar and geothermal energy so that the children can learn about both above ground and below ground energy collection. Here’s an outline of the progress I’ve made so far:

1. Set a List of Lesson Plan Requirements
2. Coordinated Scheduling with Ms. Clay
3. Researched and Narrowed Down Lesson Plans Related to Alternative Energies
4.Synthesized Content Gathered from Various Educational Sources for Use in the Lesson
5. Created a Draft Lesson Plan

I look forward to seeing where this lesson plan leads me!



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