Transdisciplinary Urbanism Studio: swlab energy farm

networked infrastructures, research and practice


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Our work builds on the inaugural [TU] studio in spring 2013. See the website:

This fall, our studio project will conduct further design development of the studio[Ci] Energy Farms project in the Tireman/Condon neighborhood of Detroit. The research, analysis and conceptual design were part of the Ford C3 funded project 2010-2012.  See the studio[Ci] website for more information:

Our vision is to:

Create a HYBRIDIZED ECOSYSTEM and ARCHITECTURE – [green] infrastructure networks and structures – for an “Energy Farm.” Engage the community and leverage assets of a strong institutional presence, vacancy, and [corporate] partners in order to generate three things: net-zero energy, wealth and educational opportunities. We will link the schools and neighborhood, and create a new partnership institution for the Sampson Webber Leadership Academy and Biddle School in the Detroit Public School Northwestern District, Tireman/Condon Neighborhood of Detroit.

Our client group includes the school Principal, lower and upper division Teachers, Students, Parents and Neighborhood Residents. This vision statement was created by the team after the initial meeting with the teachers of Sampson Webber.


Author: dustin altschul

As an undergraduate Dustin studied Architectural Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati. In January of 2013 he located to Detroit for the purpose of attending Lawrence Technological University.Where he is now working towards a Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design. His professional experience has been diversified between architecture, construction, sustainable design consulting, land development, and mechanical engineering. For the past year he has been working for a small research based architectural firm that focuses on sustainable design. His personal design philosophy is to unearth disciplinary intersections, and use that as the inspirational source for discovering sustainable design solutions for the built environment.

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